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David Patrick

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David Patrick was raised on a 120-acre farm where he grew up feeding chickens and performing tunes on the piano. After graduating from Bethlehem High School in 2008, he pursued music and writing at the University of Louisville where he finished his B.A. in English only three years later. With sixteen years of training and experience in music, he now lives with his beautiful wife Sarah Rose in Kentucky where they both compose music and sing together . . . when she is not busy painting and he is not busy working on another vampire novel.

  1. Won SECOND PLACE at the school talent show in May 2001
  2. Won FIRST PLACE at the Kentucky State Performing Arts in May 2007
  3. Accepted into the most advanced Music Theory class at the University of Louisville School of Music in May 2008
  4. Offered position as store pianist at Von Maur in October 2012 (which is how I met my wife!)
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