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LOOKING4LESSONS™ is an online resource that provides parents with a safe network of teachers for face to face private music lessons. In addition, LOOKING4LESSONS™ provides teachers and music stores/schools with an online scheduling system, a billing system, as well as a contact management system to communicate with students. Let's review our various partner types:

Music Store / Music School. Music dealers can use the system to manage either single store or multi-store operations. LOOKING4LESSONS™ stores and schools save time and money by allowing the system to coordinate all of their lesson scheduling, and are able to take advantage of offering their students up-to-the-minute teacher availability. Music stores/schools who charge in-store teachers studio rent or usage fees may take advantage of the integrated billing module, and the system allows stores and schools to secure registrations with student registration fees.

Music stores and schools not only benefit by being included in the LOOKING4LESSONS™ search but also get a customized search page that includes their own branding. Prospective students can search for teachers on the LOOKING4LESSONS™ site as well as the store or school's branded site (typically linked to the store or school’s website).

In Store Teacher. Teachers who simply want to become In Store teachers at a participating dealer may do so by contacting that dealer via the Web-form for that dealer.

The chart below explains the different L4L partner types, descriptions, and fee structures.

Partner Type Program Description Enrollment Fee Finder's Fees Where Teachers Can Be Found
Music Dealers Music stores and music schools that offer lessons in their "in-house" studios use seamless links between their websites and L4L's backend applications to market lessons and manage their teachers' calendars. $ 499.00
$ 3.00
(for each new
student registration; payable to L4L)
L4L Website and Music Store/School Website
In-Store Teachers In-store teachers teach lessons in music stores (or schools) and typically have an arrangement for renting studio space. N/A N/A L4L Website and Music Store/School Website

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