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Michele VanSickle

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My name is Michele and I am a veteran music teacher. I have over 16 years of experience. I have taught private lessons for over 20 years. My qualifications include a Bachelor's degree in Instrumental Music Education as well as a Master's degree in Middle Level Education. I enjoy teaching all beginners as well as middle level and high school students who prepare for solo competitions as well as auditions. This is why, although my primary instrument is percussion, I am very comfortable teaching all concert band instruments at the beginning and intermediate levels. Currently, I am a third grade teacher at a Christian School in Cincinnati. I am still actively teaching some sections of music in grades 5-8. My daughter and son are in band and we are a musical family. I perform in the classroom setting as well as on the drum set for the worship band at church. I continue to pursue learning new instruments. I can definitely make a difference in the playing ability and overall musical knowledge of the student through focused, fun, encouraging teaching methods.
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PO Box 474
Hanover PA, 17331

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