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Jillissa Anderson

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Jillissa Anderson has many years of musical experience, starting with piano at age 5 then moving to clarinet in 5th grade. Jillissa received her undergraduate degree in Music Performance from Cedarville University and also completed her Masters in Music at Wright State University with principle clarinetist of the Dayton Philharmonic. Jillissa has participated in orchestra, clarinet quartet and symphonic band as the principle clarinetist. Most of her musical background is focused on classical music, but she has experience playing jazz and modern compositions. Jillissa is an accomplished soloist, having performed a concerto live with orchestra and receiving several scholarships, including a full ride music scholarship to Wright State University. During lessons, Jillissa enjoys incorporating music theory and clarinet techniques to be better equipped for various repertoire. She is actively involved in community ensembles and performs regularly in the Dayton area.
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