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Wyatt Newman

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Hello my name is Wyatt Newman and here is my list of musical endeavors so far. So I started playing guitar when I was ten taking lessons from a member of my church and in sixth grade I decided to play saxophone in Grant County bands. I practiced guitar for about 2 years then started playing for church and family outings and some local events and firework shows and some state parks being only 12-13 years old. I really wasn't ready for this stuff but it helped me learn it's okay to make mistakes as long as you're a better player at the end of the day than you were before. In 8th grade, I played saxophone in the marching band and jazz band and I played guitar in our second jazz band. A year later freshman year, I played guitar in our top jazz band and at this point I was playing small festivals, house parties and anywhere I could. Throughout high school, I played a plethora of different bands and styles I played everything from jazz to funk, to punk rock, gospel, rock n roll, blues, alternative, country, etc. In 2015, our marching band won state and that same year our jazz band played the KMEA conference which is a very prestigious place to play because only 2 high school jazz bands in the state get to play each year and I had several guitar solos at this gig. I joined the schools brass choir in 2016, I became pretty well known for my energetic solos and dancing on both guitar and bari sax even the online attention of the famous Leo P of too many zooz. My senior year of band I was promoted to drum major which means I conducted for the marching band and I also had a guitar solo in our marching band show that year so I was very busy. However, that year I was able to become a leadership figure for over 100 people and with that much responsibility you learn a lot about yourself and how to be the best version of yourself everyday because you kinda have to. I've recently graduated from high school and I'm furthering my music education at Lexington School for Recording Arts.
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