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Johnny Farris

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My goal is to help develop the love for playing bass in others. I have been playing bass for over 30 years and I continue to learn something new every time I pick it up. Feeling that low-end rumble and that magic moment when you realize you making music still excites me. The best teachers I have ever had never stopped learning. I feel that it is now my turn to help others on that journey. Playing any instrument is a process to be better than the day before. This is where I guide the student to build on their knowledge and ability. The bass can be a physically challenging instrument to play because strength needed to make each note sound clear and precise on those thick strings. That is why I focus on playing the instrument correctly to get the most of every note. We will cover the difference in practicing and playing music, music theory and how it relates to the bass, and the most important part- the goals of the student. I am excited for this new chapter in my life teaching what I know, growing from the partnership with my students, and passing on the love of playing to new musicians.
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PO Box 474
Hanover PA, 17331

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