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Ted Adams

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Over thirty years experience in the performance, composition, and instruction of music and music theory for all ages. While entertaining for major company functions, writing songs for themes to provide entertainment to lobbyist, farmers, broadcasters, scientists, company executives, company dedications, different company plant locations, executive parties, and charitable functions for the United Way. Instruments include Guitar (12 string, 6 string, Bass), Saxophone ( Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone), and Banjo. Ted imparts this rare combination of passion, ability and aptitude for music to students of all ages, identifying music relations to each individual.

  1. Opened for Leon Everett
  2. Club sets with Stella Parton
  3. Performed in clubs in Nashville
  4. Performed prior to Alabama at the Doral Celebration for RJRT
  5. Written, produced, and performed a custom song entitled “The Helping Hand” for the United Way
  6. Written, produced, and performed (The Bull Rider) single for the Rodeo community
  7. Side staged for Tim McGraw
  8. Performs for church functions
  9. Entertains for Rest Homes for the Elderly
  10. Teach at Jackson’s Music Four years
  11. Teach music Theory, guitar, banjo, saxophone (Bus.) Ted’s Music
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